Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd (“LY Power” in short form) listed on GEM in Aug. 2010 on Shenzhen Securities Exchange with stock code 300105, is a state-owned high-tech enterprise under China Energy Investment Corporation which is the “top 1” leading power generation groups in China. Established in 1998, the company mainly engages in research & development, consultancy in research in energy saving and environment protection technologies and manufacturing, installation & commissioning of these technologies in thermal power generation area.

our technology

  • Fuel Oil Free Power Plant

    Fuel Oil Free Power Plant

    Dependent on plasma ignition and combustion stabilization system, LY Power developed Fuel Oil-free Power Plant firstly in world. It means all those oil facilities including...
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  • Plasma Ignition And Combustion Stabilization (PICS) Technology

    Plasma Ignition And Combustion Stabilization (PICS) Technology

    PICS was developed by LY Power with independent intellectual property right. By March 2020, LY Power has applied this technology on 862 units...
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  • Mini Oil Ignition & Combustion Stabilization System

    Mini Oil Ignition & Combustion Stabilization System

    Mini-oil Ignition technology combines medium atomization and intensified gasification, applying the stable and high temperature (above 1800℃) oil torch...
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our projects

Our projects guarantee quality

our Service

  • Boiler Combustion Optimization Adjustment

    Boiler Combustion Optimization Adjustment

    Flue gas temperature deviation high temperature of flue gas at furnace outlet steam temperature deviation high temperature corrosion high unburned carbon content in ash
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  • Boiler Performance Test

    Boiler Performance Test

    Aerodynamic field test in boiler Boiler efficiency test and calculation Flue gas analysis Pulverizing system test Primary air velocity test and leveling Combustion stabilization in low load.
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  • Boiler Technical Retrofit Consultation

    Boiler Technical Retrofit Consultation

    Fuel oil saving retrofit fuel oil free retrofit combustion system retrofit heating surface retrofit low NOx system retrofit SNCR air and flue gas system retrofit.
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industry leadingOur latest information

On December 5th, the technology project of flexibility retrofit for thermal power plant undertaken by LY Power passed acceptance successfully in Beijing. The acceptance meeting was organized by the Science and Technology Department of the Group, and the acceptance group ...
Recently, the "660MW ultra-supercritical coal unit high-moisture lignite high-power plasma ignition and combustion stabilization technology plan" in Yantai Longyuan has successfully passed the review organized by the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering. The review...
The foundation laying ceremony of "40MW Clean Combustion Engineering Laboratory" jointly built by LY Power and Northeast Electric Power University was held in the company. The ceremony was presided over by Shen Yanjie, secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general ...
Recently, LY Power participated in the national project "ultra-low NOx pulverized coal combustion technology" project of the bottom test in Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Thermal Power Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Guodian Dongsheng Company) 330MW units successfully co...
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